Women in Philosophy

Women are still very underrepresented in philosophy. We are committed to creating a more balanced environment and empowering women to pursue a career in academic philosophy. That is why we invited women philosophers (BA, MA, PhD candidates) to send in papers for a mini-conference in Amsterdam. We are very happy with the result: upcoming Saturday, we will have an interesting and diverse philosophical program that everyone is very welcome to attend.

The goal of the conference is to create an opportunity for women to present their work in a semi-public and semi-formal setting to their peers. Moreover, we hope to have a valuable gathering that facilitates exchange between young women in philosophy. Non-women philosophers are also invited to attend the conference. The conference is organized by students from the Research Master program of the University of Amsterdam.

What: mini-conference by women in philosophy
When: Saturday 28th June 2014, 12-18:30h (with dinner
Where: Amsterdam, University Library, Singel 425, Belle
     van Zuylenzaal

Marie van Loon (vanloonmarie[at]gmail.com)
Allegra Reinalda
Jojanneke Vanderveen